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opposition to charter expansion

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Ruling could have big impact in Massachusetts
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Should public employee unions be allowed
to charge non-members fees to help pay
for collective bargaining?

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Union case ripples in Mass.
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Overkill: When Trump Bashing Subverts
the Public Interest

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Education establishment ruining reform
- 11/29/17
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T must seize money-saving moment
- 10/16/17
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Bus maintenance outsourcing makes sense
- 09/19/17

T privatization survives key union challenge
- 08/18/17

Pols, unions cook up ‘Chef mess
- 08/18/17
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MBTA Pensions: A Ticking Time Bomb
- 07/05/17

State ed chief merits flunking grade
- 05/23/17
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Preparing for the ‘pension tsunami,’
- 05/05/17
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Congressional delegation should butt out
- 04/30/17

Hotel project a sign of BCEC success
- 04/25/17
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T pension fund on disastrous track
- 04/03/17
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Modest proposal for school choice
- 03/17/17
Boston Herald

Uber pilot program drops cost for customers
- 03/17/17
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Bringing rail to Gillette a bad move
- 03/08/17
Attleboro Sun Chronicle

Outsourcing drives T’s cost cutting
- 02/28/17
Boston Herald

MBTA control board is on track
- 02/22/17

Public records law falls short
- 02/19/17
MetroWest Daily News

Will DeVos avoid the Beltway
education trap?

- 01/03/17

Next up at T: Pension reform
- 12/28/16
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HHS in Transition
- 2016
The Governing Institute and
Center for Digital Government

States Say Data Sharing & Analysis
Would Boost Tax Compliance

- 2016
The Governing Institute

Beyond Budget: Cities Find Hidden
Benefits in Energy Efficiency Projects

- 2016
The Governing Institute

Making a Difference with Data
- 2016
The Governing Institute

It’s Long Past Time for High-Quality
Schools in Urban Areas

- 11/02/16

Charter Schools Are Not ‘Draining’
District Budgets

- 10/10/16

Risk Sharing’s Key Role in
Strengthening Public Pensions

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Why Paratransit Doesn’t Have
to Be So Expensive

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Reckoning Time for a City’s
Bad Fiscal Decisions

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Kicking the Taxpayers to Boost
a Soccer Stadium

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The Tricky Issue of Private Prisons
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Dems Fail Kids on Charter Schools
- 08/21/16
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The Growing Urgency for Public
Pension Reforms

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A County’s Self-Inflicted Compensation

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Higher Ed’s Degrees of Hunger
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What Dallas Needs to Do for Its Police
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Is Columbus the Future of Urban

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In Balancing the Budget, Baker and
Legislators Need to Think Long-term

- 06/28/16

Public Pensions’ Not-So-Rosy Outlook
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Sick-Leave Payouts: The Taxpayers’

- 06/16/16, Faster, Cheaper

States and the Ever-Deepening Fiscal Hole
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Public Higher Ed’s In-State/Out-of-State

- 05/19/16, Faster, Cheaper

Green Line Plan Sped Past Warnings
- 05/12/16
Boston Herald

What More Funding Can and Can’t Do
- 05/02/16, Faster, Cheaper

The Budget-Cutting Tool
Every State Should Have Handy

- 05/02/16, Faster, Cheaper

School Closings are Tough but Necessary
- 04/25/16
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Shine a Light Upon MBTA Pension Fund
- 04/22/16
Berkshire Eagle

The Unceasing War Over Teacher Tenure
- 04/21/16, Faster, Cheaper

When Government Oversteps
the Advocacy Line

- 04/14/16, Faster, Cheaper

Charters Are Succeeding: Why We
Should Expand, Not Limit Them

- 04/11/16
MetroWest Daily News

Pension Reform that Gets the Job Done
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Playing Fair with Public Employee Unions
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State Plays Politics Over Charters
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Higher Education’s Golden Retirement
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Pay for Success’: An Idea
With Bipartisan Appeal
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Arizona’s Deepening Public-Pension
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How Shopping Around Can
Hold Down Health Costs
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State Spending and the Search
for Hidden Efficiencies
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Cities’ Pension Liabilities Are About
to Look a Lot Worse
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T’s Retirement Fund Needs Major Fix
- 01/07/16
Boston Herald

Why Performance Pay Is Just
the Beginning
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Public Pensions’ Latest Challenge:
Longer Lives
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An Rx for the T - 12/17/15
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Transforming the T: How MBTA
Reform Can Right Our Broken
Transportation System
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Fixing the Disconnect Between Teacher
Compensation and Performance
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T’s Wasteful Ways Must Hit Road - 12/04/15
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Infrastructure and the Need
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What a Little Dose of Privatization
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MBTA is Broken Top to Bottom - 10/11/15
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How to Save Billions on Public
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Facts, Economics Must Trump Political Muscle
When it Comes to Rail-link Plan
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The Implacable Resistance
to Charter Schools
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A Transit System’s Self-Inflicted Wounds - 09/17/15, Faster, Cheaper

Drive to Dump MCAS Should Be Left
in Park
- 09/08/15
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Detroit’s Cruise to Nowhere - 09/01/15, Faster, Cheaper

Big Plans Put MBTA on Wrong Track - 08/26/15
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Teaching Teachers: Big Costs,
Little Payoff
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Can Massachusetts Get Its Tax Giveaways
under Control?
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The Argument: Should the state replace
MCAS with the PARCC test?
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With the T on a Better Track, Time to Accelerate
the Next Reforms
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Giving Public Employees Their Due –
Without Overdoing It
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Conflict of Interest on School Tests - 07/08/15
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Can California Find a Way Out
of Its Pension Calamity?
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Analyzing the Convention Center Authority’s
Inflated Claims
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How Our Legislatures Are Designed
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Can Schools Be Fixed When the Bosses
Are Unionized?
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Peeling back the layers on PARCC,
Common Core
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The Great State Tax Credit Giveaway - 05/07/15
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Is It Worth Spending $111,000
to Create One Job?
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The Temptation to Make Somebody
Else Pay for Roads
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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Data - 04/16/15, Faster, Cheaper

Gates Money at Core of Support - 04/07/15
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Government in Your Pocket - 04/03/15, Faster, Cheaper

Special Interests Have a Field Day - 03/24/15
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How to Get Sports Teams
Out of Taxpayers’ Pockets
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Want a Tax Credit With That Popcorn? - 03/13/15, Faster, Cheaper

Olympics Funding Has Big Dig Ring - 03/10/15
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How to Fix the T - 02/06/15
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The Wrong Way to Keep Cops
and Firefighters on the Job
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Rebuilding the Ladder to Self-Sufficiency:
Workfare and Welfare Reform
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Why We Need Teacher Evaluations
that Pass the Smell Test
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Is This Camden’s Chance
for a Comeback?
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Report: Worse Than Stagnant - 12/11
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The Growing Focus on the Dismal
State of Teacher Preparation
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The Real Culprits in Illinois’
Pension Disaster
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Out of Its Pension Hole?
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Getting Real about Pension
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Question 1: Say No to Unsafe,
Run-down Roadways
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When Public Employees Won’t Budge
on Their Benefits
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Data Analytics and the Soup
that Made You Sick
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Protecting Taxpayers When a Privatization
Partner Goes Bust
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Turning the RFP Upside Down - 09/26, Faster, Cheaper

State Education Chief Doesn’t
Make Grade
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The Worst Way to Manage
a Transportation Project
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A Better Way to Manage Government’s
Underutilized Property
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Tax Cuts Alone Don’t Spur Growth - 08/19
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Taking the Bypass on Transportation
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Pay for Success”: a Better Way
to Deliver Social Services?
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Feeding Patronage Empire - 08/05
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Do We Really Need to Keep
Building Convention Centers?
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Easy, Wrong Vote on Charters - 07/22
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Teacher Tenure and the Need
for a Culture of Merit
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How Technology Can Stretch
Infrastructure Dollars
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Mass Weakens Education for Minorities - 07/05
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Paying the Price to Keep Government’s
Best Workers
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Millennials Less Car Crazy Than Parents - 06/12
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Be Warned: The Convention Center’s Forecasts Have Missed the Mark - 06/10
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New Convention Center Math - 06/09
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Pension Sickness?
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Common Core, the Fordham Institute
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How Colorado’s Transportation Department
is Institutionalizing Improvement
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Does Expanding the Convention Center
Make Economic Sense?
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Maryland’s Data-Driven Approach
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“New Orleans’ Winning Strategy in the War
on Blight
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BCEC Shell Game - 03/13
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Does Boston Convention & Exhibition
Center Expansion Really Pay for Itself?
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Rhode Island’s Winding Road
to Serious Pension Reform
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Walsh’s Legislative Skills Needed
on Transportation
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How Denver’s City Workers Prevented
a Bureaucratic Mess
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ObamaCore: $16 Billion Unfunded Mandate - 02/19
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High Standards Paid Off for Mass. - 02/18
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How a Transit Workers’ Pension Plan
Jumped the Tracks
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Deval Patrick Fails Big Test on Education - 01/30
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A Cost-Effective Way to Rebuild 500 Bridges - 01/28, Faster, Cheaper

ObamaCore: The Nationalization
of K-12 Education
- 01/27

What States Can Do to Protect Children - 01/16, Faster, Cheaper

A Not-So-Public Pension’s
Disappearing Money
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Distressed Cities and the Lessons
of California
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Getting Creative on Public Workers’
Health-Care Costs
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How to Kill Competition for the
Delivery of Government Services
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Cities and the Fiscal Challenge
of Retiree Health Care
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A Better Path to Local-Government
Regulatory Reform
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'Possession for Always' at Risk - 11/21
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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Illinois' Pension Mess:
the Politics of Denial
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Higher Education’s Risky Search
for the Silver Bullet
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Patrick’s Dismantling of Education Reform
Has Consequences
- 10/11
Fall River Herald News

Boston Cops’ Pay, Mayoral Politics
and the Power of Special Interests
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California and the Thorny Businessof Cutting
Current Public Workers’ Pensions
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Break the Chains on Charter Schools in Mass - 9/20
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Massachusetts’ Technology Tax
an Unnecessary Detour
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The Civil-Service Systems Governments Need
for the Modern Era
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Bringing a Performance Culture
to Massachusetts Community Colleges
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Why States are Backing Out
on Common Standards and Tests
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The Hechinger Report

Are Wisconsin’s Public Employee Laws
a Panacea for the Nation?
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Mass. Pays for Union Clout - 8/5
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Wisconsin and the Politics of Coercing
Public Employees to Live in Town
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Boston Transit Workers’ Pensions:
A Win For Transparency
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Making Ice in the Desert:
Glendale, Ariz.’s Multimillion-Dollar
Hockey Bet
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Public Services in a Monopoly:
Why it Costs so Much to Fix Boston’s Buses
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Rhode Island and Massachusetts Chase
Private Jobs with Public Money
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The Growing Movement to Get
Better Teachers in the Classroom
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Can Phoenix Find a Way Out
of Its Pension Mess?
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Time to Lift Limits on Charter Schools - 5/31
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How New Orleans is Rebuilding Its Ruined
School System from the Ground Up
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Common Core Education is
Uncommonly Inadequate
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2 Ways to Fix Public Pensions
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A New Way to Tame
the Public Pension Beast?
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Close the Achievement Gap?
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The Right Way to Manage
a Government Contract
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Driving Reform: Real Solutions
to Our Transportation Problems
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How Bad Is Our Infrastructure, Really? - 3/21/13, Faster, Cheaper

When Public-Private Partnerships
Are a Bad Idea
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Laws Exist for Compound Cure - 3/08/13
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The Game-Changing Potential
of Universal Preschool
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New Rules Could Clear the Path
to Pension Reform
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Lift Massachusetts’ Cap
on Charter Schools
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Giving Public Workers the Tools
for Efficiency
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The Catch 22 of Restoring Lost ID - 01/22/13, Faster, Cheaper

Freezing Employers’ Unemployment Insurance
Rates Makes Sense
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Fixing the Transportation Infrastructure
We Have
- 01/09/13, Faster, Cheaper

Hard Choices on Public Pensions - 01/07/13, Faster, Cheaper

‘Trickle-Down Mandate’
Hurts Ed Standards
- 01/06/13
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The Political Peril of Right -
Sizing the Schools
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Classics? The Dickens You Say - 12/19/12
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Unions are the 1-Percenters
in Massachusetts
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A Cheap Way for Governments
to Tap Top Talent
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Realistic Returns Only a Start - 11/18/12
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Can Innovative Urban Food Production
Help Save Detroit?
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A Simple (but Hard) Way
to Improve Public Pensions
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History Instruction Shouldn't Pass into…
- 10/24/12
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The Teachers We Need
(and the Ones We Don't)
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Give Proven Providers a Fair Shot - 10/16/12
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Crowdfunding: a New Way to Get Things Done in Government - 09/05/12, Faster, Cheaper

Intrusive to the Core - 09/03/12
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What Failing Schools Need:
a Menu, Not a Prescription
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The Massachusetts Exception - Summer 2012
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Stretching Dollars to Nurture Factories - 07/03/12, Faster, Cheaper

Fast Track to Trouble - 07/03/12
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Few Americans Understand
Role of Supreme Court
- 06/29/12
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More than One Way to Fix a Bridge - 06/14/12, Faster, Cheaper

Institutionalizing Innovation
in Colorado Springs
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Academic Fads Mustn't
Dumb Down Content
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Denver's Better Way
to Battle Homelessness
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Rewarding Public Workers
Who Produce
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Attracting Business Without
Giving Away the Store
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High Costs of Transportation - 04/08/12
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Finding the Money for Infrastructure - 04/04/12, Faster, Cheaper

Sidetracking Competition
in Commuter Rail
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Tulsa's Pain – and Gain - 03/07/12, Faster, Cheaper

How to Train – and Keep –
Good Teachers
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Transportation Fiefdoms
A Roadblock To Shared Goal
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Charter Wins Won't End War - 10/27/11
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Fees For Using Roads Could
Foster Economic Growth
- 10/18/11
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Education As Workforce Development
Falls Short
- 07/28/11
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Needed: Better Benchmarks
for Convention Investments
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Charter Process Shows Cracks - 06/01/11
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If Taxpayers Build It, They Will Come - 03/24/11
Salem News Editorial

How To Leverage Technology
To Improve Transportation Cheaply
- 03/08/11
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Unions Must Adjust To The New
Economic Realities
- 02/25/11
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The Drill With Workforce Training - 01/28/11
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Contracts Key In School Professionalism - 01/27/11
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Measurement Error - Winter 2011

Mass. Charter Schools Merit
Tip Of The Cap
- 01/17/11
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Despite Success, MCAS Under Siege - 12/29/10
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Expanding Opportunity - 12/08/10
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MTA And Gov. Deval Patrick
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Mass Risks Writing Off
Literary Excellence
- 09/29/10
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Legal Mess Over Charter
Shows No One’s Above the Law
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Throw the Book at James Aloisi,
Not Charlie Baker
- 08/17/10
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The End of Independence
for State Board of Education
- 08/05/10
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Absent Accountability, Mass. Schools Fail - 07/29/10
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Conventional Logic, Empty Hotel Rooms - 07/19/10
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21st Century Skills Soft at Core - 07/09/10
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Performance Pay for Teachers
Would Boost Economy
- 06/30/10

Keep Politics Out
Of Charter School Approvals
- 05/19/10
MetroWest Daily News

Don't Lower State's
Educational Standards
- 04/19/10
Lowell Sun

Questions Remain In Wake
Of UMass Law School Plan
- 04/05/10
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Massachusetts Does It Better - 04/03/10
Wall Street Journal

Radical Views Of NLRB Appointee - 04/01/10
Boston Globe

State Fails Students
By Downplaying History
- 03/29/10
Boston Herald

Needham Schools Should Consider
Private Funds
- 03/11/10
Needham Times

Education Standards Slip - 03/01/10
Boston Herald

Politics Interferes With Education Agenda - 02/05/10
Boston Herald

Lowering the Bar to Get a Passing Grade - January, 2010
Pioneer Institute Policy Brief

A Door Stays Shut - 12/23/09
Boston Herald

Law School A Bad Deal For Massachusetts - 12/06/09
Springfield Republican

Reform Run Off The Road - 11/23/09
Boston Herald

Red Ink Is Staining More Than MBTA - 11/12/09
Boston Globe

Keep Politics Out Of Charter School Selections - 10/10/09
Lowell Sun

Backlash Threatens State's Charter Schools - 09/27/09
Springfield Republican

Charter Success Foreign to State House - 09/22/09
Boston Herald

The G.I. Bill's Lessons - 08/18/09
The Providence Journal

That Wrong Road Again - 08/11/09
Boston Herald

High-tech Highway Funding - 07/22/09
Boston Globe

School 'Reform' Snubs Students - 07/03/09
Boston Herald

Ed Reform's A Start, But Miles Left To Go - 06/20/09
Fall River Herald News

Fixing Our Transportation Problems - 06/15/09
Lowell Sun

In Mass., User Fees The Best Way To Pay For Roads - 05/27/09
The Providence Journal

Teachers Union Flunks Courses - 05/27/09
Boston Herald

Watering Down MCAS Would Be Mistake - 05/17/09
Springfield Republican

Transportation Demands Better Management - 04/17/09
New Bedford Standard-Times

Foxes Guard School Henhouse - 04/15/09
Providence Journal

Lesson Snubbed By Boston Teachers - 04/10/09
Boston Herald

School Panel Lobby Fighting Taxpayers - 03/20/09
Boston Herald

Education Reforms Don't Need This "Fix" - 03/01/09
Springfield Republican

Accountability Overboard - Spring 2009
Education Next

Losing a Fiscal Shell Game - 02/20/09
Boston Globe

Do The Math: Bay State On Proper Path - 01/18/09
Springfield Republican

Work Together To Save Services - 01/11/09
MetroWest Daily News

Don't Dumb It Down - 12/09/08
Lowell Sun

"21st Century Skills" Shenanigans in the Bay State - 12/04/08
The Education Gadfly

Before 21st Century Skills, Teach Basics - 11/29/08
Boston Globe

The T's Unchecked Expansion and Its Consequences - 10/12/08
Boston Globe

Bay State Blocking the Schoolhouse Door - 9/14/08
Springfield Republican

Privatization that Protects Taxpayer Interests - 9/10/08
Boston Globe

Ready for More Educational Choices - 8/05/08
Boston Globe

Taking the Long View on Roads, Bridges - 7/20/08
Springfield Republican

MBTA Fringe Benefits Still a Runaway Train - 7/15/08
Boston Herald

The Battle to Curb Public Pensions - 5/21/08
Boston Globe

The Politics of Hope, Take One - 4/14/08
The Weekly Standard

Steep hike in debt cap not the answer - 3/2/08
Springfield Republican

The end of the education reform? - 1/24/08
New Bedford Standard-Times

Easing the burden of unemployment insurance - 1/18/08
Boston Globe

Charters still Grade A - 12/5/07
Boston Herald

Charter Schools closing achievement gap - 10/28/07
Springfield Republican

Oversight overhaul won’t ensure ed reform - 10/26/07
Boston Herald

State in dire need of road, bridge maintenance - 8/31/07
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The toll of neglect – 8/21/07
Boston Globe

Lesson in arrogance – 7/10/07
Boston Herald

The perils of one-party government – 7/3/07
Providence Journal

Bay State school reform at risk – 6/20/07
Providence Journal

If unions ask, they will receive – 6/19/07
Lowell Sun

To spur economic expansion, fix
unemployment insurance
– 5/25/07
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

A road to ruin for Massachusetts transit – 4/19/07
Boston Globe

Time to face difficult decisions – 3/13/07
Lowell Sun

Municipal performance incentives could rein in property taxes – 2/22/07
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Address past liabilities to achieve fiscal health – 2/4/07
Boston Globe

Traffic jam – Winter 2007

Rescuing lost schools – 10/21/06
Boston Globe

Stop PLA featherbedding – 10/10/06
Providence Journal

T Expansion on wrong track – 5/24/06
Boston Globe

Will Foy save the T? – 12/23/05
Boston Globe

An Analysis of the Proposed Merger between Southern New England School of Law and the University of Massachusetts – March 2005

How The Labor Department Can Bring Common Sense To A Rail Contract – 05/23/02
The Heritage Foundation Backgrounder

Railing against common sense – 10/30/00
Washington Times

tv and radio appearances

CommonWealth’s “Codcast”
10/31/18 - Everybody talks about transportation

Neighborhood Network News
Boston Convention
& Exhibition Center Expansion

Bay State Forum

WCAP - Mara Dolan Show

The Take, NECN
The T and education with Sue O’Connell

Gov. Baker’s
State of the Commonwealth Address 2018

2018 Election Looms
Over Baker's Speech

Question 2

Broadside, NECN
Can Anyone Run the MBTA?
Test of Labor Clout
MBTA Problems Were Entirely Avoidable

DC Dialogue, NECN
Fixing Troubles on the MBTA

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Jay Talking

Radio Boston, WBUR
Reflecting On 2018:
The Year In Law And Politics

Week in Review

The Future Of The Green Line's
Scaled-Down Extension

Week in Review 4/1/16

MBTA Update: Deficit Down,
Pension Fund Liabilities Up

How to Get the MBTA Back on Track


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Beacon Hill Leaders Unveil
Transportation Budget

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